Planned Courses for Purple Pride School District

Need For Change Course :  All Teachers will participate in the Need for Change Course through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Classrooms for the Future Teachers at the High School Level are required to take the Need for Change Course in a Blended Study Group with an assigned Facilitator. All other Staff are expected to complete the course in the Self-Study model. All teachers will be given 30 Hours of Act 48 Credits at the completion of their coursework. This course is offered at no cost to the district by PDE. This will ensure that all staff are afforded the same information as we promote the change of teaching styles into 21st Century Teaching. This graduate level course provides the opportunity for teachers to reflect on their current teaching techniques and ascertain the need for change in their own classroom to meet the needs of their current learners.

New Teacher Training will be conducted during the Induction Week for New Staff. There will be one day dedicated to Teacher Technology Tools including, Gradebook, Attendance software, Data Assessment tools, Lesson Planning Tools, School Email, Access to District Staff Websites and District Online Resources.  The further training in each of the following areas technology focuses areas will also be offered to the new staff.

First Day Professional Development for the district --
Teachers will need to be made aware of the tools that the administration will be utilizing to evaluate the staff on their abilities to create a 21st Century Classroom. The tool we will be utilizing for this is the CFF Evaluation Tool and the TPR tool because district administrators have recently been trained on these tools and the survey tools abilities to identify a quality classroom. These tools can be found on the PDE Ed Hub Website and the CFF dashboard page.
The administration will also discuss the need for the Technology Focused Trainings and the need to incorporate curricular focus for each of these days. There will also be a focus on Student Data, Curriculum Mapping and Differentiated Lesson Planning. Teachers will be guided through the tools necessary to make these changes to their current teaching styles. The template for lesson plans for this year will be focused on Cheryl Capozzoli Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan and these will be submitted electronically to Subject Area Supervisors and Principals as a source of Curricular Mapping. This year it may be necessary to focus on the units of study for the DI Lesson Plans to aide in Curricular mapping.  Teachers will utilize the Standards Aligned Systems (SAS) on Ed Hub where applicable to their subject areas.

Technology Focused Trainings  Each of the focused trainings will be arranged with the building principal to facilitate the utilization of substitute teachers for teachers to complete a half day of professional development on the first or week A of the following topics. If the topic falls in a month where there is a scheduled in-service day the principal could opt to utilize the in-service day for the technology training rather than the substitutes for that month.  The second topic or week B could be offered to the building as part of a early dismissal day or during several mini sessions offered by the trainers in the building. But the plan needs to include the offerings to all staff in the building during that months time frame. The Technology Integrator will utilize a flexed schedule and be available in different buildings on a rotating basis to allow for even distribution of technology integration lessons to all staff.  The CFF coach at the High School level will be primarily focused on the CFF Teachers and their Embedded Learning Blended Study Group.
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