At Purple Pride, our students' academic success is paramount.  All students can and will make academic gains.  These gains will be realized through the use of best practices in teaching, technological advancements, collaborative efforts with the community, and securing and maintaining a safe, respectful, learning environment. 
     The technology goals are designed to support the strategic plan.
Teachers will be instructed in both technology skills and integration ideas in order to support the academic learning of all students.  They will learn to be more productive and to facilitate communication through technology.  Teachers will also learn to create and structure projects that require the use of collaboration.  Teachers will use data to inform their instruction.  This data will be delivered, organized, and searched through technology.

     Purple Pride's Strategic Plan Initiatives include:
Advance the academic potential of all students
Demonstrate proficiency with technology

Improve effective communication skills

Provide a safe and respectful learning environment

Prepare for the ever-changing competitive global community


     Students will learn 21st Century Skills such as creation and collaboration through the use of technology.  They will utilize programs designed to re-mediate, practice, and enrich depending on their educational needs.  Students will learn both face-to-face citizenship and digital citizenship expectations.

1.  All teachers and administrators will use data to inform their instruction, make decisions about students, and help guide their long-term planning.
2.  All teachers and administrators will use educational best-practices to increase student learning.
3.  All teachers and administrators will regularly communicate with parents to promote a stronger home-school connection.
4.  Purple Pride's buildings, facilities, and staff will promote a safe and respectful learning environment.
5.  Technology will be used to facilitate learning, decision-making, communication, and the advancement of 21st Century Skills to prepare students for the workplace.