Classroom for the Future

The technology team at Purple Pride has developed a plan for a state-of-the art classroom of the future.  This classroom will encompass the latest in classroom technology including a video-conferencing system, an interactive whiteboard, laptop computers for portability, and classroom furniture to enhance multiple collaboration set-ups within a single class period.  The room will also be equipped with several digital video, still picture, and document cameras for use with student projects and teacher presentations.  Purple Pride's classroom for the future will benefit from the myriad of computer software site licenses for graphics, video-editing, and web design. 

The layout of the room (pictured below) is laid out like a typical classroom, however, with the use of desks with wheels and floor sockets for power, the room can be reconfigured very quickly into a number of different collaborative set-ups for group work.  The teacher's desk which has been chosen allows for one on one conferencing with one or two students at a time.  The room has been equipped with a high-speed color-laser printer for producing high quality student projects.  The latest in wireless technology has been used to make sure that enough bandwidth is available to accommodate the needs of the students.

The total cost for this classroom of the future is $85,000.00.  See a detailed price list of equipment here.  $75,000.00 will be supplied by the Purple Pride School District.  Additional funds needed will be obtained through the acquisition of technology grants such as the Corning Foundation and The Goldman Sachs High School Prize for teaching students about international affairs.

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