The necessity for training of the current teaching staff will be of paramount importance as new equipment is installed in classrooms. Some of the training will be offered in-house and will influence the need for additional technical support staff to help with the training and implementation of 21st Century skills. Some of this staffing will include a part time CFF coach for the High School. It would be advantageous to the district to utilize a second half time person to fulfill the needs of non-CFF staff in the High School Building as well.  Some of the vendors from whom we purchased hardware will be providing trainings to some of the staff as part of the service agreements. We will need to make arrangements for teaching staff to attend these trainings. Teachers will also need training for some of the software programs which will be installed on classroom machines
     Some of these trainings can be done in small group sessions and be moderated by the "Train the Teacher" Cadre that we have selected as model 21st Century teachers. This smaller group of teachers wi be trained and then take their skills back to the individual buildings and present Tech Focus Workshops for teachers. This cadre of "Trained Teachers" will be compensated for their work outside of the school day. The other teachers will depend upon their availability to them during the school day and this will interfere with their given planning time. Thus creating a need for them to work past the contract day to complete their teaching responsibilities
     In addition to these in district offerings by Vendors and Teacher Trainers there is also a need for teachers to see, share and explore how technology is being utilized in other districts. This sharing of ideas and inspiration of others who teach the subject or grade level can be an advantage to moving teachers into a 21st Century Teaching style. Some of these conferences will be offered locally at our Intermediate Unit while others options would include a State level conference that is held in Hershey PA. PETE&C. This conference again offers opportunities for teachers to be inspired by what others are currently doing with their students. 

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Administrative Evaluation
The evaluation of the technology plan will involve survey data of teachers, students and administrators. The teachers will also be asked to reflect on their own challenges with technology, their success with technology integration and their plans for their next curricular year.  Including this as a piece to the May Technology Focus Training will enable teachers to see their own personal ability to implement change. They can see the evidence of their changes in the academic success of their students, in the focused progress of their curriculum and their accomplishments at learning the new tools. Their will be challenges for teachers but hopefully they will build a support team in their own building who is willing to share solutions, discuss ideas and promote change among their staff. The tools listed below will all be part of the evaluation of the success of the district's technology plan.

Evaluation Teacher Evaluation (Self-evaluation of Technology Skills) LoTi Teacher Assessment tool will be utilized to reflect teacher technology achievement. http://loticonnection.com/lotilevels.html 
Evaluation of Data Drive Lesson Planning
Supervisor evaluation will include goal areas for individuals to include for summer professional development.
CFF Teacher Survey Data
CFF Teacher Observation Checklist of 21st Century Teaching
PaTi Teacher Survey
TPR Evaluation Tool
School District Teacher Observation Tool with areas for Differentiated Instruction, Technology Integration and Utilization of Student Data for lesson planning

Student Technology Assessments Student Technology Assessment tool http://www.simpleassessment.com/content/faqs
his information will be reviewed by the supervisor and share with the classroom teacher
plans for increasing the technology integration will be part of the teacher evaluation
Skills Testing (Benchmark, 4Sight, PSSA) to be correlated with technology integration data
CFF Student Survey Data 
PaTi Student Survey Data 

Administrators Evaluation review of Teacher Technology Skills Assessment data
review of Student Achievement Assessment data
Plan relevant inservice training plan for the next professional education cycle.
PaTi Administrator survey Data

Technology Integrators review of Teacher Technology Skills Assessment data
review of Student Achievement Assessment data
Plan relevant inservice training plan for the next professional education cycle.

Planning Committee Review Review CFF Survey Data
Review PaTi Survey Data
Recommend Summer Inservice ideas for inclusion in the Department Level Workshops

CFF 21st Century Teacher Observation Evaluation

At well as the Self Evaluation and PaTi Survey data teachers will be observed by their supervisors utilizing the Classrooms for the Future / 21st Century Teaching Model

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